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Release Notes for Grml 2010.12-rc0 - codename Gebrüder Grml


Grml is a bootable live system (Live-CD) based on Debian. It includes a collection of GNU/Linux software especially for system administrators and users of texttools. Grml provides automatic hardware detection. Grml is the perfect rescue system, but you can also use it for analyzing systems/networks or as a working environment. It is not necessary to install anything to a harddisk; you don't even need a harddisk to run it. Due to on-the-fly decompression Grml includes about 2 GB of software and documentation on the live system.

New features

Special new features:

New features in Grml's Zsh

Important Changes


Based on vanilla kernel including several patches and additional modules:

  aufs iscsitarget loop-aes lzma ndiswrapper openafs
  speakup squashfs sysprof tp-smapi virtualbox-ose-guest

Visit for more details regarding Grml's kernel.


Fixed several bugs and issues reported on grml_2010.04 @ grml-wiki and in the bug tracking system.

Packages / Software

Details about shipped packages and their versions on Grml are available at the Debian section. Visit dpkg_list for a detailed list of packages shipped with Grml 2010.12-rc0.


Updated all packages to Debian Unstable branch by 15th of december 2010 (plus some further selected updates).

Removed 174 packages (excluding lib* and *2.6.33-grml*) - please notice that some of them are available under different names/in different packages:

  *2.6.33-grml* lib*

  2vcard abs-guide ace-of-penguins apt-xapian-index
  archivemail asr-manpages astyle aterm aub auto-apt axp
  bibcursed bluez-alsa cabber calcurse calife camserv
  cbrowser cddb cdecl cdrbq cdrecord cdtool check clive
  cmatrix conky console-common console-tools
  cpuburn-in-binary cvs-buildpackage cw cwcp ddccontrol
  ddccontrol-db dvdrtools dwm dwm-tools emcast evilwm faad
  fdflush fdutils fgetty figlet filepp filetraq fluxconf
  fnord fusesmb fvwm fvwm-crystal-minimal geresh gif2png
  giftcurs gnupg-curl gnupg-pkcs11-scd gocr gq gs-common
  habak hasciicam hnb hotkeys i8kutils ibritish icecast2
  ifplugd ike-scan ingerman ipx irb irb1.8 irpas isakmpd
  isdnactivecards jailtool jwm kbd-compat kqemu-common
  live-initramfs loco lslk mgetty mgp moosic mp3blaster
  mp3wrap mpage mplayer-skin-blue mrxvt mrxvt-common
  mtd-tools multi-aterm ncpfs nedit netstat-nat
  nictools-nopci nstx odbcinst1debian1 offlineimap
  openafs-client opencryptoki pamusb-tools pcopy
  pdns-backend-ldap pdns-backend-pgsql pdns-backend-pipe
  pdns-backend-sqlite pdns-server pdumpfs pekwm perf
  playmp3list pmidi postgresql-client-8.4 ppmd psfontmgr psh
  python-xapian ratmenu ratpoison rdiff rdiff-backup rdoc
  rdoc1.8 rman router-audit-tool scsiadd smake snmp snowdrop
  speechd-up splitvt starttls swapd tcl8.3 thttpd tla
  toshset toshutils tpm-tools trousers ttmkfdir twm unixcw
  uswsusp w9wm wmmisc wprint wyrd x2x xfonts-intl-european
  xfs xpdf-common xserver-xorg-input-aiptek
  xserver-xorg-input-elographics xserver-xorg-input-evtouch
  xserver-xorg-input-joystick xserver-xorg-input-kbd
  xserver-xorg-input-mouse xserver-xorg-input-penmount
  xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse xserver-xorg-input-void
  xserver-xorg-video-amd xserver-xorg-video-dummy
  xserver-xorg-video-glint xserver-xorg-video-ivtv
  xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd xserver-xorg-video-tga
  xserver-xorg-video-v4l xserver-xorg-video-via yaird ysm

Added 46 new packages (exluding lib* and *2.6.36-grml*):

  3270-common acpi-fakekey anthy-common aufs-tools
  bitlbee-common c3270 console-setup cups-ppdc diff ekeyd
  fbcat gcc-4.2-base gcc-4.3-base gconf2-common git
  grml-rescueboot growisofs hunspell hunspell-de-de
  hunspell-en-us i3-wm iamerican isc-dhcp-client
  isc-dhcp-common isc-dhcp-server jackd2 kbd keynav
  live-boot live-boot-initramfs-tools lua5.1 m17n-contrib
  mktemp nsd3 odbcinst1debian2 postgresql-client-9.0
  python-apt-common python-chardet python-mutagen
  python-openssl python-pycurl squashfs-tools suckless-tools
  x11vnc-data xserver-xorg-video-nouveau zenity

Major changes since release 2010.04 (20100429)

Known issues

Take a look at the release candidate webpage in the grml-wiki. Please report problems using information on

Download Grml 2010.12-rc0

Grml 2010.12-rc0-rc1 can be downloaded from


Your comments, bug reports, patches, and suggestions will help fixing bugs and improving future releases. If you find a problem with the release please check grml_2010.12 @ grml-wiki and report problems using information on Please send your feedback and feature requests to the Grml team!


Many thanks (alphabetically) in this release go to Adriana Teixera, Alexander 'Leo' Bergolth, Antonio Diaz Diaz, Andrey Rahmatulli, Axel Beckert, Carsten Hey, Christoph Biedl, Eduard Bloch, Jens Kubieziel, Bernd Arnold, Gregor Perner, Jan-Pieter Jacobs, Joerg Woelke, Jordan Uggla, Marc Haber, Marek Straka, Martin Krafft, Marvin Vek, Michael Gissing, Michael Stapelberg, Michel Isard, Peter Palfrader, Richard Hartmann, Sedat Dilek, Sven Joachim, Thomas Koehler, Thorsten Glaser and Tonnerre Lombard for their contributions.

We also would like to thank everyone who made the Grml-developer meeting possible. This includes Metalab, Tarent and many unnamed generous private sponsors.

Release of the stable version

The stable release of Grml 2010.12 is scheduled for end of december 2010.

More Information

You can find out more about grml on our website, IRC channel, and wiki.

To sign up for future Grml announcements, please subscribe to Grml's announcement list.

If you are interested in development releases grab the daily ISOs from

Further Questions?

Please feel free to contact us.


Grml is sponsored by several companies. For more information about our sponsors check out the Sponsors webpage. Our main sponsors are:

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