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Release Notes for Grml 2013.09-rc1 - codename Hefeknuddler

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This Grml release provides fresh software packages after the Debian stable release (AKA wheezy) has been released. As usual it also incorporates up2date hardware support and fixes known bugs from the previous Grml release.

New features

Important Changes

Bits & bolts


Details about shipped packages and their versions on Grml are available at the Debian section. Visit dpkg_list for a detailed list of packages shipped with Grml 2013.09(-rc1).


Packages are taken from Debian testing, 10th of September 2013. 5 packages have been removed, and these 32 new packages have been added (plus dependencies, excluding lib* and kernel image):

  ash augeas-lenses clonezilla dconf-gsettings-backend
  dconf-service debugedit dh-python drbl fonts-dejavu-core
  gcc-4.8-base info init-system-helpers iproute2 nwipe puppet
  puppet-common python3 python3-minimal python3.3
  python3.3-minimal ruby-augeas ruby-safe-yaml ruby-shadow
  tasksel tasksel-data wakeonlan xdg-utils xpdf
  xserver-xorg-input-mouse xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse
  xulrunner-17.0 zsh-common

These Grml packages have been removed/replaced (excluding lib* and kernel image):

  epdfview febootstrap makedev python-gnupginterface xulrunner-10.0

Known issues

Download Grml 2013.09-rc1

Grml 2013.09-rc1 can be downloaded from


Your comments, bug reports, patches, and suggestions will help fixing bugs and improving future releases. If you find a problem with the release please check the known bugs list and report problems using information on Please send your feedback and feature requests to the Grml team!


Many thanks in this release go to (alphabetically) Andreas Gredler, Benedikt Morbach, Bernhard Tittelbach, Christian Hesse, Christian Hofstaedtler, Falko Mach, Jan Hruban, Jordan Uggla, Joe Stingel, ludinator. Lukas Prokop, Martin Ć louf, Moritz Molle, Peter Palfrader, Thorsten Glaser, Till Maas, Ulrich Dangel and Ziirish for their contributions.

More Information

You can find out more about Grml on our website, IRC channel, and wiki.

To sign up for future Grml announcements, please subscribe to Grml's announcement list.


Grml is sponsored by several companies. For more information about our sponsors check out the Sponsors webpage. Our main sponsors are:

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