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Release Notes for grml-small 2008.11 - codename Schluchtenscheisser


grml is a Debian-based Live-CD. It includes a collection of GNU/Linux software especially for users of texttools and system administrators. grml provides automatic hardware detection. You can use grml for example as a rescue system, for analyzing systems/networks or as a working environment. It is not necessary to install anything to a harddisk, you don't even need a harddisk to run it, unless you want to (use grml2hd for this). Due to on-the-fly decompression grml includes about 2.1GB of software and documentation on the CD.

Whereas grml provides about 2.1 GB of software on a 700 MB ISO, grml-small is a flavor with only ~75 MB ISO-size (~240 MB uncompressed). It does not provide a lot of software but the essential stuff for being a rescue system on a business card CD-ROM or a small USB device. You can use the Debian package management system to install software on the fly (assuming you have network access to a Debian mirror). Take a look at the 'Debian-Information'-section if you are searching for the package list.


Fixed several bugs and issues reported on grml-small 0.4 @ grml-wiki.

New grml-script:

grml-debootstrap (wrapper around debootstrap for installing plain Debian via grml):

Special thanks to Tong Sun for his contributions and to Sipwise GmbH for sponsoring development of grml-debootstrap.

See for more details regarding grml-debootstrap.

Special new features:


Based on vanilla kernel including several patches. Notice: some more modules aren't pre-installed but available through the grml-repository.

See for more details regarding the grml-kernel.

Important Changes

Using a new version schema: as we want to improve tracking of all the different flavours and releases of grml we decided to use "$flavour $YYYY.MM" for the stable releases. No further confusing 'grml 1.1 vs. grml64 0.2'.

Switched from old IDE drivers to libata drivers. What might have been known as /dev/hdX on your system will become /dev/sdX nowadays.

Packages / Software

Details about shipped packages and their versions on grml are available at the Debian section. See dpkg_get_selections for a main package listing and dpkg_list for a more detailed list of packages shipped with grml-small 2008.11.


Updated all packages to Debian Unstable branch by 20th of november 2008 (plus some further selected updates).

Removed 15 packages (excluding lib* and *2.6.20-grml*) - please notice that some of them are available under different names/in different packages:

  *2.6.20-grml* lib*

  dhcp-client firmware-ipw3945 gcc-3.3-base gcc-4.1-base gettext-base
  grml-small ipw3945d localepurge modutils nvi pppoeconf prism54-firmware
  syslog-ng tinysnmp-tools unzoo

Added 41 new packages (exluding lib* and *2.6.26-grml*):

  apt-utils bc debian-archive-keyring dhcp3-client dhcp3-common ed ethtool
  gcc-4.2-base gcc-4.3-base gnupg gpgv grml-crypt grml-debian-keyring
  grml-hwinfo grml-policyrcd grml-vpn grml2hd-utils grub-common htop hwinfo
  ipsec-tools iptables keychain live-initramfs lzma md5deep
  netcat-traditional nfs-common openssh-blacklist policyrcd-script-zg2
  portmap realpath resolvconf rsyslog sysfsutils syslinux-common traceroute
  user-setup vim-common vim-tiny zoo

Upgrade notes

As usual you can upgrade your grml harddisk system to the latest grml version running 'apt-get update; apt-get install grml'. Take a look at the upgrading webpage in the grml-wiki as well. Notice: If you are using grml in a productive environment and/or use a grml2hd installation we strongly recommend to subscribe to the grml-user mailinglist!

Major changes since release grml-small 0.4 (20070518)

Known issues

Take a look at grml-small_2008.11 @ grml-wiki. Please report problems using information on

Download grml-small 2008.11

grml-small 2008.11 can be downloaded from mirrors listed on


Your comments, bug reports, patches, and suggestions will help fix bugs and improve future releases. If you find a problem with the release please check grml-small_2008.11 @ grml-wiki and report problems using information on Please send your feedback, feature requests and bug reports to the grml-team!


Many thanks in this release go to Tong Sun, Martin Karresand, Ralf Schlatterbeck, Thomas Köhler, Peter Palfrader, Michael Holzt, Florian Schuele, Marc Haber, Sipwise GmbH, Charles Hewson, Thomas Lehmann, Christian Vogel, Andreas Roedl and Christian Hofstaedtler for their contributions. Many thanks also to the ones of you who donated something to the grml-team and of course to all those who have sent feedback since the last release!

More Information

You can find out more about grml on our website, IRC channel, and wiki.

To sign up for future grml announcements, please subscribe to grml's announcement list.

Further Questions?

Contact us.


Grml is sponsored by several companies. For more information about our sponsors check out the Sponsors webpage. Our main sponsors are:

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