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Release Notes for grml64 2008.11 - codename Schluchtenscheisser


grml is a Debian-based Live-CD. It includes a collection of GNU/Linux software especially for users of texttools and system administrators. grml provides automatic hardware detection. You can use grml for example as a rescue system, for analyzing systems/networks or as a working environment. It is not necessary to install anything to a harddisk, you don't even need a harddisk to run it, unless you want to (use grml2hd for this). Due to on-the-fly decompression grml includes about 2.1GB of software and documentation on the CD.

Whereas grml is meant for use on 32 bit systems, grml64 provides support for 64 bit platforms. It is based on the amd64 port of Debian. Take a look at the 'Debian-Information'-section if you are searching for the package list.


Fixed several bugs and issues reported on grml64_0.2 @ grml-wiki.

New grml-scripts:

grml-live (build system for creating a grml (based) live-cd):

See for more details regarding grml-live.

grml-debootstrap (wrapper around debootstrap for installing plain Debian via grml):

Special thanks to Tong Sun for his contributions and to Sipwise GmbH for sponsoring development of grml-debootstrap.

See for more details regarding grml-debootstrap.

Special new features:


Based on vanilla kernel including several patches and additional modules:

  acx100 at76-usb atl2 aufs drbd8 gspca kqemu loop-aes
  madwifi ndiswrapper openafs qc-usb rt2400 rt2500
  speakup squashfs

Notice: some more modules (like fglrx and nvidia) are not pre-installed but available through the grml-repository.

See for more details regarding the grml-kernel.

Important Changes

Using a new version schema: as we want to improve tracking of all the different flavours and releases of grml we decided to use "$flavour $YYYY.MM" for the stable releases. No further confusing 'grml 1.1 vs. grml64 0.2'.

Switched from old IDE drivers to libata drivers. What might have been known as /dev/hdX on your system will become /dev/sdX nowadays.

Truecrypt isn't shipped anymore because Truecrypt is licensed under a specific license named 'TrueCrypt License 2.6' which doesn't permit us to distribute Truecrypt. See section VI/4 of the license for details.

Locales provided via /usr/share/locale have been removed due to space reasons, though /usr/share/i18n/locales hasn't been modified as well as package specific files.

Packages / Software

Details about shipped packages and their versions on grml are available at the Debian section. See dpkg_get_selections for a main package listing and dpkg_list for a more detailed list of packages shipped with grml64 2008.11.


Updated all packages to Debian Unstable branch by 20th of november 2008 (plus some further selected updates).

Removed 82 packages (excluding lib* and *2.6.23-grml64*) - please notice that some of them are available under different names/in different packages:

  *2.6.23-grml* lib*

  915resolution a2ps apmd array-util automake1.8 base64 bazaar biew 
  bluetooth-alsa bochsbios clamav-getfiles cpp-4.2 cracklib2 cupsys-common 
  dbishell debmake doc-base docbook-xml dumputils dvb-utils dviutils 
  dynafont eciadsl elfsh exmap fileutils firmware-ipw3945 fonty fttools 
  g++-4.2 gcc-4.2 gcc-4.2-multilib gconf2 gconf2-common genisoimage gksu 
  glimpse gnome-keyring gnu-fdisk icedax ipw3945d ipxripd isic lcap linda 
  linneighborhood metastore mozilla-imagezoom ms-sys mutella 
  ndiswrapper-utils ndiswrapper-utils-1.1 nscd nufw nvclock o3read 
  openbios-sparc openhackware postgresql-client-8.2 proll qemu qtparted 
  raggle rain realtime-lsm scrollkeeper smake squashfs-tools svgalibg1 
  syslog-ng sysutils traceproto tss type1inst unzoo upstreamdev vgabios 
  vnc-common xserver-xorg-video-newport xvncviewer xwatchwin zeroconf

Added 99 new packages (exluding lib* and *2.6.26-grml64*):

  aiccu bind9utils bluez-audio cciss-vol-status chntpw cnee cpp-4.3 cups 
  cups-bsd cups-client cups-common cupsddk cupsddk-drivers discover 
  discover-data dnsmasq-base dwdiff e3 ecryptfs-utils elinks-data ent 
  espeakup ext3grep faketime fcoretools foomatic-filters freeradius-common 
  fuseiso9660 g++-4.3 gatling gcc-4.3 gcc-4.3-base gcc-4.3-multilib 
  genext2fs gfs2-tools gnuit grml-files grub-common i2c-tools iotop ipset 
  john-data keynav latencytop lmbench luvcview lynx-cur mercurial-common 
  mpg123 msort mtd-utils netcat-traditional nictools-pci odbcinst1debian1 
  opencryptoki openssh-blacklist openssl-blacklist openvas-client 
  openvpn-blacklist orpheus pinentry-gtk2 python-cairo python-clientform 
  python-debian python-feedparser python-gtk2 python-imaging 
  python-mechanize python-newt python-numeric python-ogg 
  python-pkg-resources qiv radvd rsyslog scrounge-ntfs squashfs-lzma-tools 
  ssdeep sslscan syslinux-common tcl8.5 texlive-extra-utils tig tk8.5 
  toshset toshutils tpm-tools trousers ttf-unifont unixodbc uswsusp 
  xfonts-unifont xserver-xorg-video-mach64 xserver-xorg-video-openchrome 
  xserver-xorg-video-r128 xserver-xorg-video-radeon xulrunner-1.9 zenmap 

Upgrade notes

As usual you can upgrade your grml harddisk system to the latest grml version running 'apt-get update; apt-get install grml'. Take a look at the upgrading webpage in the grml-wiki as well. Notice: If you are using grml in a productive environment and/or use a grml2hd installation we strongly recommend to subscribe to the grml-user mailinglist!

Major changes since release grml64 0.2 (20080224)

Known issues

Take a look at grml64_2008.11 @ grml-wiki. Please report problems using information on

Download grml64 2008.11

grml64 2008.11 can be downloaded from mirrors listed on


Your comments, bug reports, patches, and suggestions will help fix bugs and improve future releases. If you find a problem with the release please check grml64_2008.11 @ grml-wiki and report problems using information on Please send your feedback, feature requests and bug reports to the grml-team!


Many thanks in this release go to Tong Sun, Martin Karresand, Ralf Schlatterbeck, Thomas Köhler, Peter Palfrader, Michael Holzt, Florian Schuele, Marc Haber, Sipwise GmbH, Charles Hewson, Thomas Lehmann, Christian Vogel, Andreas Roedl and Christian Hofstaedtler for their contributions. Many thanks also to the ones of you who donated something to the grml-team and of course to all those who have sent feedback since the last release!

More Information

You can find out more about grml on our website, IRC channel, and wiki.

To sign up for future grml announcements, please subscribe to grml's announcement list.

Further Questions?

Contact us.


Grml is sponsored by several companies. For more information about our sponsors check out the Sponsors webpage. Our main sponsors are:

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