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QEMU is an emulator for various CPUs. It works on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and Mac OS X. It's possible to run grml with QEMU. Notice that it's much slower than running it native due to the emulation mode.

Using QEMU with acceleration

grml >=0.5 provides the accelerator module for QEMU namend 'kqemu'. Just run the following commands to use it:

apt-get update ; apt-get install qemu # install qemu
modprobe kqemu                        # load the kernel module
mknod /dev/kqemu c 250 0              # create the device
chmod 666 /dev/kqemu /dev/net/tun     # adjust permissions

To see if kqemu is enabled and working correctly, use the QEMU monitor command (press ctrl-alt-2): 'info kqemu'

Problems with Qemu

Black / blank screen

You get a black/blank screen when booting grml in qemu? Try booting with "grml vga=normal".

Running QEMU with grml on Linux

Install qemu (apt-get install qemu) and start it e.g. via:

qemu -m 256 -cdrom /dev/hdc          # if running from CD-ROM
qemu -m 256 -cdrom /path/to/grml.iso # if running from harddisk

Running QEMU with grml on Windows

screenshot 1

First of all download QEMU for Windows. Download the grml-iso and put the QEMU files in the same directory as the grml-iso.

Now create a startup file, call it for example grml-qemu.bat:

REM Start qemu on windows.
START qemu.exe -L . -m 256 -hdc harddisk -cdrom grml_0.6.iso

Adjust the values if necessary and now run the grml-qemu.bat-file. Have fun :-)

screenshot 3


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