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Minutes of the Grml Developer Meeting 2010



Some highlights

1st day

Ch, Uli and Mika starting with installation and buildup of work place in Metalab's library at 9:45. Gebi, Jimmy and formorer are joining at ~10:15, Rhonda joins in the afternoon. Official start at 10:35.

First day involved a lot and interesting discussions and it was really helpful to get all personal ideas what Grml is and how we as a team can improve Grml.

2nd day

Financial details

Transportation, accommodation costs and the social event added up to 840 EUR. Thanks to generous private donations as well as sponsoring by Tarent the full amount of costs could be covered. Accounting is WIP these days, if any money should be left we will save the money for the next upcoming Grml developer meeting. Thanks a lot to everyone of you who supported the Grml team through donations!



It was really amazing what we achieved during these two days and it was really helpful to meet everyone in person. This event and this report would not be possible without many generous sponsors and the friendly hosting by Metalab! We want to thank you all!

This document was prepared by Michael Prokop and Ulrich Dangel.
Latest change: Mit Nov 10 23:23:44 CET 2010

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