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Using grml-terminalserver you can boot grml via network. If your computer is able to boot via PXE (Preboot Execution Environment) all you have to do is start grml-terminalserver on the host which should serve as booting server and boot Grml via network/PXE on the client(s) then. If your computer can't handle PXE you can still try to boot Grml via network, because grml-terminalserver lets you create a floppydisk including a bootimage with your networkcard-driver to boot via network. If that's still not an option for you check out the iPXE project.

How to start grml-terminalserver? Just invoke grml-terminalserver as user root and follow the instructions. Take a look at the manpages grml-terminalserver and grml-terminalserver-config.

Boot Grml without grml-terminalserver?

Sure - of course you can boot Grml via PXE without having to use grml-terminalserver (for example if you already have a working NFS, tftp,... infrastructure). Take a look at the instructions in the grml-wiki.


Screenshot 1

Select ip address range for clients

Screenshot 2

Are there any computers without PXE?

Screenshot 3

Select networkcard drivers for non-PXE capable computers

Screenshot 4

Write grub image to floppy disk?

Known Issues / Further information

See grml-wiki.


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