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This is a list of companies or organizations that provide ongoing support to Grml. Thanks to their support and assistance the Grml project can provide an excessive list of services for our users like free CDs, daily images (more than 16 different images), mailing lists, website, wiki etc. To be more precise without their support the Grml project would not be able to provide all the services you know and love.


Snel is a Dutch hosting provider. Our company was founded in 2010 and we are located in Rotterdam, a small dynamic city with a passionately beating heart. In this small city we run a company that has a passionately beating heart for hosting. We provide fast and simple dedicated hosting solutions with a great focus on automation. In a world where time is literally money we want our customers to save on both by providing them dedicated servers with instant setup and an automated platform with enough features to virtually do anything. We believe that the simplicity of our services and treating customers as friends sets us apart from the competition.